Hot Water Heaters & Electric Water Heaters Installed in Carmel, NY

water heater repair in carmelThe newest technology in water heating is tankless hot water heaters. By heating water as it courses through the pipes to where it is needed, an on-demand water heater eliminates the need for a hot water storage tank. The cold water enters the pipe, flows over the heating element, and continues through the pipe to the tub, sink, washer, etc., providing instant hot water.

How Electric Water Heaters Work (Source: U.S. Department of Energy)

  • Energy efficiency. An on-demand hot water heater only heats water when it is needed. Water heating systems that use a tank to store water waste energy. Keep in mind, that the water is just sitting in the tank, which is using energy to keep the water hot all the time – whether you’re using it at the moment or not. And although the tank is insulated, some heat is lost over time, so the tank is constantly working to keep the water at the temperature that you desire. And if your family uses a lot of hot water every day, it may be necessary to set the temperature on the hot water heater to a higher degree, just to maintain enough hot water on hand. This not only uses more energy, it can also increase the risk of scalding, especially in homes with children.
  • An endless supply of hot water. Tankless hot water heaters offer an unlimited amount of heated water. For regular hot water heaters, once the tank is depleted, it takes time to refill it, meaning it is possible for a household to run out of hot water at times. With a tankless system, you never have to worry about too many people showering at the same time.
  • Versatile energy sources. An instant hot water heater can use either electricity or gas to heat the water as it passes the heat source. A traditional gas water heater uses more energy because the pilot light has to stay lit in order to produce hot water. Tankless electric water heaters are more energy efficient because they do not require a pilot light. Natural gas tankless water heaters do require a constantly burning pilot light but deliver more water pressure. You can save money on your energy bill with tankless electric water heaters, but you may not receive as much water pressure.

Gas or Electric Water Heaters Installed and Replaced in Carmel, NY

Are you ready to save energy and money by replacing your current water heater with a new tankless hot water heater? If so, Aaspen is here to help. Hot water heater replacement is a surprisingly easy transition. Whether your old unit was an electric water heaterWater Heaters Installed in Carmel, NY or gas model, new tankless hot water heaters are available for either energy source. Switching to a tankless hot water heater is a definite upgrade which will add to the resale value of your home. And if you are building a new home, consider installing an on-demand water heater from the start.

Proper installation of tankless hot water heaters is crucial to their performance and efficiency. You need an experienced, knowledgeable company such as Aaspen to do the job right. Tankless hot water heaters are in high demand in new homes as well as existing homes, proving that they will add to the overall value of a home — but they must run without a hitch.

For tankless or traditional hot water heater replacement or installation in the Carmel, NY, area, including Brewster and Poughkeepsie, NY, as well as Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster, Orange, and Westchester counties, call Aaspen HVAC today at (845) 590-6902.